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At Harper Farm, our passion is producing premium pork and beef by providing the highest quality of life for our animals. Our meat is free of antibiotics and we never use growth hormones. We are proud to offer the same savory meats that our family enjoys, from our farm to your table.

We started raising meat for our family in 2010 because we were tired of buying meat at the store and not knowing where it came from or what was in it. Unlike some farms, you won't find our pigs living on concrete, nor will our cows ever be confined to a crowded feedlot. We believe animals are a gift from God, that's why our pigs live their lives slopping in the mud and foraging through scraps - the way they were made to live. Our cows always free range on wide open pastures and enjoy fresh water. As good stewards of our land, we practice sustainable farming methods such as rotational grazing and spreading organic matter to put nutrients back into the soil. Choose Harper Farm meat and feel good about what you're feeding your family.

Premium Pork


Our pigs enjoy life as they were made to live - rooting around in the dirt, foraging for scraps, and wallowing in mud holes. It's a difference you can taste! 

Our customers tell us it is, "the best pork we've ever had" and rave about how "tender, lean and delicious" it is. Then, they come back for more.

We sell pork by the half or whole. We harvest annually in April and we ALWAYS sell out months in advance, so reserve yours today!

Pasture-Raised Angus Beef


Angus beef is known for having good marbling and flavor but there's a vast discrepancy in the quality of beef even among Angus cattle. Don't settle for less. We go above and beyond to keep our product consistently superior which keeps our customers coming back for more. 

Our customers love Harper Farm beef and we're sure you will too...

"The meat is tender and delicious. T-bones were wonderful." 

 "I made hamburgers and my husband wanted to know how I got them so juicy. I had to tell him I didn't do anything different except the beef." 

"We've bought beef by the side from another local farmer for years - we thought it was good until we tried Harper Farm beef and there is no comparison. Harper Farm beef is unlike any we've ever had!"

Put Harper Farm beef on your table and we're certain you'll score some serious brownie points!

Buying By the Side

Premium Pork:

  • To reserve your side of pork, we require a non-refundable deposit of $100 which is deducted from the final cost owed to us upon harvesting the animal. 
  • We care for the hog and provide a stress-free quality of life until harvest.
  • We notify you when we take the hog to be processed. You work with the processor to get the meat custom cut and packaged just the way you want it.
  • At the time of harvest, we will provide you with the total cost of the meat, which must be paid to Harper Farm within 10 days of harvest. 
  • The cost of the meat is figured by multiplying the cost per pound by the hanging weight. Our hogs generally have a hanging weight of 225 pounds. Half a hog would shake out something like this: the cost would be half the hanging weight multiplied by $2.85/lb. (112 lbs X $2.85 per lb = $319 estimated meat cost paid to Harper Farm). 
  • The processing cost is separate from the meat cost and can vary depending on how much of the meat you have cured. A good estimate is .60/lb of hanging weight plus .65/lb extra for anything that is cured. To give you an idea, we paid about $180 for processing on a whole hog that had a hanging weight of 225 lbs. This cost is paid to the butcher at the time you pick up your meat.
  • The butcher will call you when your meat is ready to be picked up. You proudly pick up your meat, stock your freezer, and feel good about what you're feeding your family!

Angus Beef:

  • To reserve your quarter or side of beef, we require a non-refundable deposit of $300, which is deducted from the final cost owed to us upon harvesting the animal. 
  • We take utmost pride in caring for your steer until it is ready for harvest. 
  • We notify you when we take the steer to the processor. If you buy a side, you work with the butcher to customize your cuts and packaging. 
  • At the time of harvest, we will provide you with the meat cost. The meat cost is figured by multiplying the hanging weight by $3.15 per lb. If you buy half a beef, it would look something like this: 400 lbs estimated hanging weight for a half beef X $3.15/lb = $1,260. Your deposit will be deducted from this amount. This amount is due to Harper Farm within 10 days of harvest.
  • A good estimate of the processing cost is 65 cents per pound of hanging weight, depending on how you have it packaged.  A ballpark processing cost for half a beef would be 400 lbs X .65 = $260. The processing cost is paid to butcher when you pick up your meat.
  • The butcher will contact you when the meat is ready to be picked up. You pick up your top-quality angus beef, grill some mouth-watering steaks, and feel good about feeding your family only the best!
  • Note: On both pork and beef - if you decide to cancel your order prior to harvest, but you send us another buyer, we will gladly apply the deposit toward that purchase.

Frequently Asked

What Are The Benefits of Buying A Side or Quarter of Beef?


1. It's Economical: Our sides and quarters are a great way to fill your freezer with quality meat at an economical price. Our customers constantly tell us they are amazed at the amount of meat they receive for the cost they pay, and that our prices and quality are the best they've found. 

2. It's Convenient: Imagine a freezer full of your favorite cuts...talk about menu planning made easy! How great would it be not to have to swing by the store for meat prior to cooking dinner? Plus, we've had meat stay fresh well over a year in manual defrost freezers.

3. It's The Way You Want It: If economics and convenience aren't enough to sway you, if you buy a side, you get to work with the processor to custom cut and package the meat just the way you want it. Like your steaks or pork chops extra thick? No prob! You make the call when you purchase a side.

What Cuts Come With A Quarter of Beef?


A quarter is basically half of a side of beef. Harper Farm Quarters come with the most popular cuts including one-inch thick steaks (t-bones, bone-in ribeyes, sirloins), tenderized round steaks, ground beef, stew meat, roasts, flank steak, skirt steak, short ribs and brisket. The ground beef comes in one-pound packages. The steaks, except sirloins, come with two per package (sirloin steaks are quite large so they are one per pack). Harper Farm Quarters are the perfect option for anyone who doesn't want a full side but still wants excellent quality beef to feed their family. The only difference in a quarter compared to a side is that customers can get the side custom cut and packaged. If you only want a quarter, and you want cuts other than what is mentioned above, consider splitting a side with a friend who wants the same cuts. We're sure y'all will be hooked!

What Cuts Come With A Side of Pork?


Cuts vary, but the way we do ours personally includes sausage, bacon, pork chops, country style ribs, spare ribs, ham steaks and large bone-in hams - perfect for Christmas and Easter! When you buy pork from Harper Farm, you work with the processor to custom cut and package the meat however you want it. For example, you get to choose the thickness of your bacon, how much you have in each package, etc. Prefer more sausage and less pork loin? It's your call - and that's the beauty of buying a side. 

How Much Beef Comes With A Side?


To give you an idea, the picture above is a quarter, so half a beef would be about twice that much meat. A half we had processed recently (with a hanging weight of 404 lbs) included 260 pounds of meat after it was cut away from the carcass. Of that, 130 pounds was ground beef (we had some of the roasts made into ground beef because we eat a lot of ground beef). The remaining 130 pounds included sirloin steaks, t-bone steaks, bone-in ribeyes, round steaks, flank steaks, stew meat, chuck roasts, Pike's Peak roasts and brisket. When you buy a side of beef, you work with the butcher to customize your cuts. Caution: buying a side of Harper Farm beef may result in a sudden influx of friends! 

What Do Your Cows Eat?


First and foremost, our cows always free range on wide open pastures of native bluestem and bermuda grass. We put a lot of work into managing our pastures to keep them in optimal condition for our cows because we believe thick, lush grass enhances their quality of life and provides prime nutrition. In other words, unlike some farmers, we do not overgraze our pastures. We rotate the cows to fresh pastures to avoid overgrazing and because they enjoy exploring "new" territory. In the winter, we feed locally harvested hay. As we prepare for harvest, we allow steers access to grain for added marbling.  We give our cows the best of everything, because that's the quality they deserve.

What Are The Prices for Individual Cuts?


The prices and cuts below are current as of September 2019. We make frequent trips to the Owasso and Bartlesville areas. Contact us with your order and we'll work with you to arrange a pick-up time and location.

Ground Beef - $4.95/lb

Ground Beef (10 lbs +) - $4.75/lb

Roasts - $5.50/lb

Brisket - $4.95/lb (sold out)

Bone-in Ribeye - $12.50/lb

Sirloin Steak - $9.25/lb

T-bone Steak - $11.25/lb

Round Steak - $5.50/lb

Flank Steak - $7.75/lb

Skirt Steak - $7.75/lb 

Short Ribs - $5.75/lb

Stew Meat - $5.50/lb

Soup Bones - $2.00/lb

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